The Big Business Myth

It’s a myth that most businesses are started by Entrepreneurs. Most businesses are, in fact, started by Technicians rather than visionaries. Technicians create a place to go to work for themselves, doing what they used to do for someone else e.g. builders open general contracting businesses. Lawyers open legal practices. Chefs open restaurants. And so on… If you’re a Technician at heart, it’s likely that your business is expecting a great deal from you that you weren’t prepared for. Trying to stay on top of it all can be pretty overwhelming, leading you to spend a lot of time working without feeling like you’re getting anywhere. Changing this, starts with a shift to an entrepreneurial perspective. If your business isn’t serving your life, then it’s most likely consuming it. A business that’s serving your life creates more life – and this can only be achieved by switching your perspective from worker bee to entrepreneur. If you need assistance in transitioning your business, schedule an appointment today.

Who Are We?

We are a premier CPA Firm who puts solutions to our client’s needs as our first priority. We look for solutions for your personal and business tax, financial and operational issues, both known and those you may not be aware of.

Where Are We?:

We are physically located at 1800 Judson Road, Suite 300 in Longview, Texas, but with the power of the internet, we are everywhere.

What Do We Do?

Of course we do the traditional accounting and tax work like most other CPA Firms. But what sets us apart is that we go the extra distance to help business owners by specializing in assisting small businesses improve their profitability, convert the business operations from a “job” to a true entrepreneurship, plan for retirement, and plan the business exit strategy to maximize the value of the business when the appropriate time arrives.

 We realize that your time is valuable.

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